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"Once you've seen it, the technology appears natural, almost boring — an indication that it works... I'd like to see this technology in car navigation systems and on sites like"

—Rafe Needleman,
Technology Columnist, Business 2.0

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"...I knew how to use PDT before I ever saw it because it builds on all of the skills that I developed using traditional media. It shows respect for how I search, examine and understand complex visual information. This is the best form of innovation, what I call surprising obviousness..."

—Bill Buxton,
ex-Chief Scientist,
Alias/Wavefront & SGI,
Principal & Founder, Buxton Design

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"IDELIX represents significant forward thinking in visualizing the battlefield for military operations. PDT's ability to effectively represent fused data layers in a manner that allows more timely, accurate, and reliable decisions to be made, resonates directly with the operational use of SGI systems and their current and future deployments."

—Paul Temple,
Senior Business Development Manager,
SGI Federal

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"...PDT surpasses existing methods for viewing and interacting with data in increasingly complex digital environments. The ability to pinpoint detailed information while maintaining a complete view of the region of interest is technology that is important across many military, government and commercial applications."

—Admiral Bill Owens (Ret.),
CEO of Nortel Networks,
Advisor to IDELIX

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"IDELIX will play a key role in helping the consortium meet NGA's requirements. They have made it easy to implement Pliable Display Technology into the prototype we are developing, and we look forward to continued work with IDELIX on this and other infoimaging projects."

—James Manchisi,
President, Commercial & Government Systems,
Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company

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"For over 50 years, Defence R&D Canada has developed new technology so that the Canadian Forces can continue to meet their evolving roles and missions. Small businesses play an important role as they represent a diverse reservoir of new ideas and bring new perspectives on emerging defence and civil markets. We selected IDELIX as a successful applicant under the Defence Industrial Research Program for these reasons and wish them every success with their project."

—Dr. John Leggat,
Assistant Deputy Minister,
Science and Technology,
CEO, Defence R&D Canada

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"IDELIX brings added value in not just their outstanding products, but in their detailed knowledge, imagination, and responsiveness to their partners and customers."

—Brian Meighen,
Program Manager,
Intelligence Data Systems

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