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Partner Programs
Partner Program

At IDELIX we are committed
to helping our Development and
Academic Partners succeed

The IDELIX Partner Programs have been created to provide a community for developers and academia who wish to team with IDELIX and integrate Pliable Display Technology (PDT) or PDT 3d as a customer solution in their leading products, applications, and research projects.

The IDELIX Developer Partner Program is aimed at:
  • OEMs
  • Systems Integrators

The IDELIX Academic Partner Program is aimed at:

  • University Research Programs
  • Academia

Use of the Pliable Display Technology Software Development Kits requires a basic understanding of C and C++ or Java, and a familiarity with object-oriented design. The C++ SDK includes a set of libraries compiled for Windows, Unix, Linux, IRIX, Solaris, Mac OS X, and WinCE. Version 3.0 of the PDT C++ SDK also supports COM and .NET. Users of the SDK developing for .NET, or in languages other than C++ such as Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript, Delphi, and Perl for Windows, will find the PDT facilitation interface wrappers of use. Other interfaces such as CORBA can easily be wrapped around PDT fi. Other ports are available upon request.

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