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PDT for Digital Image Processing

Pliable Display Technology
and Digital Image Processing

As Digital Image Processing companies seek a greater Return On Investment...
Imagery Analysts and creative professionals such as artists, designers and publishers are looking for new ways to improve their current return on investment. Increased competition and a slower economy have resulted in prices being driven down, and a reduction on the expected turnaround time between request and delivery are driving the need for improved workflows and increased efficiency. Key areas of possible cost reduction include improving image management and shortening the creation and editing workflow processes. The growth in web publishing and handheld devices has also raised the profile of cross media publishing tools and online collaboration — the idea of creating once and using multiple times to achieve a greater ROI.

Demand for more intuitive methods of viewing and editing are on the rise...
Increasing bandwidth has enabled larger, more complex images to be accessed by more and more individuals via the Internet, while higher resolution hardware such as digital cameras and satellite equipment are resulting in substantial growth in the digital photography market as a whole. Although these technological advancements have enabled larger, more detailed images to be produced, the size and resolution of computer monitors have not increased at the same rate. In many cases, screen displays are actually shrinking in size due to user demands for portability. As more high-density documents are also converted from hardcopy to softcopy, there is a growing demand for viewing and presentation tools that help a wide range of people to view larger amounts of information in an intuitive manner, both online and locally.

Introducing PDT — An intuitive viewing and editing technology by IDELIX
Pliable Display Technology (PDT) by IDELIX Software Inc. is a practical integration solution that enables faster and easier comprehension of images. PDT provides both an efficient and intuitive alternative to current zoom, pan, and inset window viewing tools for people working with digital images. Whether it is used for image management, viewing, editing or presentation purposes, PDT's unique real time "detail-in-context" functionality makes it easier for users to work with their data within the spatial limitations of a display screen.

PDT: Supporting detailed inspection and viewing tasks while helping users maintain sight of the entire image
PDT enables people working with digital images to perform key tasks more efficiently, eliminating repetitive zoom and pan activities out of the workflow process. By creating a magnified portion of the imagery under the lens in real-time, the user will have the power of image analysis, in-place editing, measurement, annotation, quality control and vector collection within the lens without losing sight of the surrounding information as you do with zoom. It is applicable to both local and online presentation of digital images.

Some key tasks that will benefit from PDT...

  • Lens assisted operations such as cropping and distance measurement
  • Editing and touch up of photos, digital videos, and complex models
  • Quality assurance in an image
  • Viewing multiple layers of data
  • Digital Asset Management - more efficient way to navigate information
  • Viewing Change Detection
  • Thumbnail Viewing
  • Conducting Presentations — PDT is an effective presentation tool for Narration, Annotation, and Highlighting

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For a list of the Features and Benefits of PDT and PDT 3d, see the PDT Product Sheets . For more technical detail on PDT, read our White Papers or Technical Descriptions .

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