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PDT for In-Car Navigation
PDT for In-Car Nav

PDT for In-Vehicle Imaging
Gives You a Better View of
How to Reach Your Destination

The automobile industry is going through a technological evolution driven by advances in the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) marketplace. In-vehicle navigation has evolved into an effective means to reduce traffic congestion, reduce pollution, and improve safety, comfort, and peace of mind. A recent report from Strategy Analytics predicts that 20%of all large/high-end cars will be factory-equipped with these dynamic navigation systems by 2006. With 600 million vehicles in the world and 60 million produced every year, the total telematics market is projected by industry analysts to be in the $10-$40 billion range by 2005.

In-vehicle navigation systems use an LCD screen to display moving maps that can show detailed, digital representations of road networks, turn-by-turn route guidance and other important navigational information such as street names, address ranges and points of interest. Unfortunately, the value and use of these navigational cues and surrounding landmarks is being limited by the LCD screen size. It is currently a challenge for the driver to "zoom in" on the detail they need without losing the context of their surroundings, or without restricting their ability to "look ahead" at upcoming services and routes. To address the "screen real-estate problem," IDELIX Software has introduced a user interface solution entitled Pliable Display Technology (PDT).

PDT enables users to view self-selected areas of detail without loosing site of navigational cues and surrounding landmarks on a moving LCD screen. Using a variety of lenses and focal shapes, PDT is capable of presenting an "elastic" visualization effect that results in magnified detail appearing to "jump out" of the screen while still remaining seamless and connected to the rest of the landmarks and surroundings. When embedded within your in-vehicle navigation system, PDT will increase the confidence of your users and add more value to the existing presentation of screen information. PDT is applicable to both local and online presentation of mapping images and other high information density data.


  • Improve In-Vehicle Navigation Capabilities
    The key advantage of Pliable Display Technology (PDT) is that PDT enables "detail-in-context viewing," thereby preserving a view of the surrounding image and the navigational cues associated with it. Viewers will not have to rely on inefficient zooming, panning or inset viewing to effectively view details or manage multiple images.

  • Device, operating system and application independent.
    PDT is easily integrated and adds value to the presentation of information on many different hardware types, from compact handheld and wireless devices through to PC's with large monitors.

  • Increased Product Value
    "Detail-in-context" viewing unlocks the power of location, location, location.


  • Improves LCD screen presentation of navigation routes.
  • Allows users to perform typical browser/viewer navigation tasks better with real-time, dynamic "detail-in-context" capability.
  • Supercedes existing and ineffective pan and zoom technologies.
  • Complete set of image viewing functions including multi-lens library, multiple lens capability, in-place editing, lens characteristic controls and industry standard image formats and documentation.
  • Ability to quickly view and navigate high-resolution images.
  • PDT "detail-in-context" viewing maintains coordinate accuracy and distance.
  • Synchronized viewing of side-by-side images for comparison.
  • User interface independent and supports the leading operating systems.
  • Can be tailored for optimal performance on various devices.
  • Complements existing wireless and wireline browser technology.
  • Structured API supports easy integration with existing applications. Easy to customize, create, or enhance a vertical application.

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For a list of the Features and Benefits of PDT and PDT 3d, see the PDT Product Sheets . For more technical detail on PDT, read our White Papers or Technical Descriptions .

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